• Never remove the cooling system cap while the engine is running, or when the engine and radiator are hot. Scalding coolant and steam may shoot out and cause serious injury. It may also damage the engine and cooling system.
• Turn off the engine and wait until it is cool. Even then, be very careful when removing the cap. Wrap a thick cloth around it and slowly turn it counterclockwise 2.5 turns. Step back while the pressure escapes.
• When you're sure all the pressure is gone, turn the cap using the cloth, and remove it.

1. Clean the cooling system cap and the sealed part.

2. Inspect the crack or turn over on the sealed part of the cooling system cap.

• If there is any malfunction, replace the cooling system cap.

3. Attach the cooling system cap to the radiator cap tester.

4. Hold the cooling system cap downward and apply pressure gradually. Verify that the pressure holds for 10 s.

• If the pressure is not held stable within the specification, replace the cooling system cap.
ZJ, Z6: 90-110 kPa
{0.92-1.12 kgf/cm2, 13.1-15.9 psi}
MZ-CD 1.6 (Y6), LF:135-155 kPa
{1.38-1.58 kgf/cm2, 19.6-22.4 psi}