Improved power performance
• DOHC 16valves adopted
Reduced weight
• Aluminum alloy cylinder block adopted
• Aluminum alloy engine mount bracket adopted
Reduced engine noise and vibration
• Aluminum alloy cylinder block adopted
• Pendulum type engine mount adopted
Improved serviceability
• Drive belt auto tensioner adopted
• Hydraulic lash adjuster (HLA) adopted


Reduced weight
• Plastic oil strainer adopted
Improved lubricity
• Trochoid gear type oil pump adopted
• Oil jet valves adopted

Cooling System

Improved reliability
• Degassing type coolant reserve tank adopted
Reduced weight
• Cross flow type radiator with aluminum core and plastic tank adopted
• Plastic thermostat cover adopted
• Built-in type water pump adopted
Reduced engine noise and vibration
• Cooling fan motor component consists of the cooling fan motor and fan control module adopted

Intake-air System

Improved engine performance
• Turbocharger adopted
• Variable boost control (VBC) system adopted
• Charge air cooler adopted
Improved noise reduction
• Resonance chamber adopted

Fuel System

Improved engine performance
• MZ-CD 1.6 (Y6) is a 4-cylinder, 1.6 liter engine, employing a second generation common rail system.
• Fuel injection is performed using solenoid injectors.
Improved serviceability
• Nylon tubes adopted for fuel hoses in the engine compartment and around the fuel tank, and quick release connectors adopted for the joints

Emission System

Improved exhaust gas purification
• Positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) adopted
• Oxidation catalytic converter adopted
• Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system adopted

Charging System

• Regulatorless generator with built-in power transistor adopted
Improved reliability
• Double startor coil adopted

Ignition System

Improved reliability
• Independent ignition control system with distributorless ignition coil adopted
Improved durability
• Spark plug with an iridium alloy center electrode and platinum tip ground electrode adopted

Starting System

Improved startability
• Reduction type starter adopted

Control System

Improved engine performance
• Common rail system adopted
Wiring harness simplification
• CAN adopted